Sunrise at Balonne River

Lachlan River

14 Jan to 03 Feb 2022

The Lachlan River is considered to be the fourth longest river in Australia. Its source is on the Breadalbane Plain near Goulburn, on the Great Dividing Range. From here it flows westwards out onto the fertile plains of the Riverina and onto the semi-arid woodlands. The river ends at the Great Cumbungi Swamp. Water will only reach the Murrumbidgee River during large floods.

I used the phrase "considered to be the fourth longest river" based on the approximations provided by GeoAustralia, but from my own analysis it takes third place from the Darling River. Tracing satellite images in QGIS, I calculated that the Lachlan River at 1,549 km if it flows all the way to the Murrumbidgee River, and is 2 km longer than the length calculated for the Darling River. The main discrepancy between the measurements is that the Lachlan River snakes it way down at a much finer level than the Darling River, adding 15% to the estimated length. This distance discrepancy is greatest towards the source.

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This trip is difficult and potentially dangerous with some remote sections in the lower section and hard whitewater in the upper section.

While I am posting this information to assist fellow explorers, you should not rely on anything stated in this guide without first confirming it independently from more reliable sources. This guide is not a substitute for proper training from an accredited training provider.

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