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Past Lachlan River Expeditions

Fairly minimal detail about the upper section has been found online other than the whitewater paddling guides at Waterways Guide that has some info on the top section from just above Wyangala Dam down to Condobolin.

  • 2018

    Peter White


    He started his journey at Darbys Falls on Saturday June 16. He travelled some 900 km down the Lachlan River to Booligal over 41 days. He reported some tough stretches carrying his gear over snags and dry areas.

    Peter started with a flow of 1,000 ML/day, but within days had a flow under 200 ML/day within days of his departure. It appears he kept up with the tail of the flow to Condobolin, but started facing more difficult times as he kept going. At Booligal, this had dropped to 50 ML/day.