Current Musing: Murray and Darling River Systems (In Progress)

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I'm currently contemplating kayaking the Murray River from source to sea. I initially had the idea of the Murray-Darling proper from the Condamine River, but the drought has sadly ruled that out.

An unplanned delays with the Murray trip (fire & car accident), it rained in South East Queensland, so much rain it flooded! The Darling is back on!

For friends and family, I have also updated and reposted our older travel blogs from SE Asia (2006) through to the Americas (2010/11).

Current Musing

In Progress

Murray River - Summit to Source to Sea - Upper Section Completed
Darling River - Source to Wentworth - Upper Section Completed

Single tree in alpine field

Phase One, Leg One: Summit to Source

Completed 19 Dec 2019

On foot from the summit of Mount Kosciuszko down to the source of the Murray River.

Approximately 80 km hike with the possibility of another 30 km if I don't have any luck sourcing a ride.

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Small creek surrounded by trees

Phase One, Leg Two: Source to Tom Groggin

Completed 25 Dec 2019

Following the upper Murray River down to Tom Groggin is the big unknown in the trip.

Potentially impenetrable bush and / or dangerous flood waters will make this an intrepid journey.

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River with minimal water and a lot of boulders

Phase One, Leg Three: Murray River Gorge

Completed 28 Dec 2019

Raft or walk?

Grade 3 rapids in freezing water would be a risky trip solo so contemplating a guided raft or walking an extra 50 km.

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Previous Trips

Desert with tent and two motorcycles

Traversing the Americas by motorcycles on the backroads

May 2010 till May 2011

Approximately 40,000 km from Seattle, Washington, USA to Buenos Aires, Argentina. We rode less than 500 km on any major freeways or highways, and over 20,000 km on dirt, gravel, sand or mud.

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Buddha head enclosed by the trunk of a tree

South East Asia on a shoestring budget

mid 2006

Our first OE (overseas experience) through most of SE Asia over a three month window.

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