Indian Rock Art

North America

May to Nov 2010

We are heading off again. After SE Asia, we caught the travel bug. 3 years gave us time to explore the east coast of Australia, plus some short trips to Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan and the USA (Chris) and Vanuatu. This time, we thought we'd do America, from top to bottom and then who knows...

You liked the last website, so we thought we'd do the same again. Follow the trip for blogs, pictures and more....

We flew into LA on the 11th May, and straight on a flight destined for Anchorage, Alaska. Alaska was still well below zero Celsius (too cold for kiwis acclimatised to Aussie), so we hopped off in Seattle instead and started our journey there.

Sadly delays getting our bike paperwork also ruled out Canada too.



May to Aug 2010

Learning to ride.

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Aug to Nov 2010

The training wheels are off and the intrepid journey begins…

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