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According to the map we've only gone 4 inches.

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Online Map

The online map has markers every km that starts at 0 up to where the Murray meets the Southern Ocean and these go up to 2581 near the source of the Murray at Indi Springs. See the Distance Markers page for details.

  • Swampy Plain River
  • Tooma River
  • Mitta Mitta River
  • Kiewa River
  • Ovens River
  • Goulburn River
  • Campaspe River
  • Loddon River
  • Edward River
  • Wakool River
  • Murrumbidgee River
  • Darling River
  • Great Darling Anabranch
  • Rufus River
  • Katarapko Creek
The KML track has been simplied using the Douglas-Peucker method with a ~10 m tolerance and the coordinates rounded to 4 digital places.

Published Charts and Pilots

Book cover

Murray River Charts Charts

by Maureen Wright

Navigation chart of the River Murray from Renmark in South Australia to Yarrawonga in Victoria.

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Book cover

Murray River Pilot Charts

by Baker and Reschke

Covering Goolwa to the SA/NSW border plus the Lower Murray Lakes and Coorong.

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Online Maps Resources

You can download topographic maps from:

Custom Map

These were the maps I made before my first trip down the Murray. If I get time I'll redo these using the blue sign distances.

The full sized quality images (A4 300 dpi or A3 150 dpi) can be downloaded here.

The maps were created by manually stitching together the National Maps map tiles. The distances were generated by manually digitising the river path from Bing aerial images in QGIS, then using the QChainage plugin to create points at 1 km spans along the line. These were overlaid manually onto the maps.