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Transport Options

I may have not have gone where I intended to go, But I think I have ended up where I needed to be.

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Public Transport Options

If you have transport options to add, give me a bell and I can add those there!

Info on possible storage and transport options of the kayak would be very useful for many. I stored my yak for 3 days at the local camping ground in an unsecure shed. Felt safe enough but...

Albury / Wodonga is the final main hub accessing the upper Murray. From here there is a bus that runs 3 days a week to Corryong. (Mon, Wed and Fri).

Goolwa to Adelaide

There is a regular bus service but it only goes into the Adelaide Central Bus Station once a day. However you can catch a train from the Seaford Interchange / Train Station where you can then get a train into the city. As of 2021, the bus was run by LinkSA and you had to pay cash to the driver. The ticket machines for the train were on the trains themselves. Neither took bookings.

Adelaide to Albury / Wodonga

I caught a VLine bus after searching Public Transport Victoria (PTV) for buses that ran from Adelaide to Albury, but there are likely other operators servicing the route. When planning the route, type in 85 Franklin St for the Adelaide Central Bus Station otherwise no routes are found.

Wentworth to Albury / Wodonga

The NSW "Murray Express" is the likely best option for heading back from Wentworth or further upstream on the Murray. This is the likely bus the search will choose.

Like PTV, the Transport NSW search is a bit fiddly at times. Using Darling St opp Wentworth Information Centre, Wentworth will get the search picking up the regular bus service to Mildura, but using Wentworth the system suggests that you take a taxi instead!

Albury / Wodonga to Corryong

Corryong Bus & Freight runs 3 days a week. (Mon, Wed and Fri). Corryong outbound to Albury in the morning, returning in the afternoon. It stops at Lake Hume, Jingellic, Tintaldra, Towong (afternoons only) and Corryong.