Geoscience Australia provide downloadable topographic maps
50k Map Index, most from northern coastlines, minimal others
100k Map Index, most coastal regions excluding Tasmania
250k Map Index, complete coverage
1 Million Map Index, complete coverage

The Federal Government's National Maps is a useful online topological map with lots of additional data providers like the SRTM 1 sec DEM data set.

Sentinel Hub is a great tool for viewing near real time satellite data including Sentinel, Landsat, and other Earth observation imagery.

New South Wales (NSW)
Free PDF downloads or browse online. Mostly 1:25K, some 1:50K maps.
GetLost Maps
Free topographical maps that you can download directly from their website as well as on Avenza Maps.

A map similar to the one I used can be downloaded here. It shows the kilometre markers along with shortcut notes. Shortcuts have the distance saved (or lost) along with the known flow where these were running (ML/day). The final page has the main roads and features.

The maps were created by manually stitching together aerial photographs and have been overlaid with the river track. The river track and distances were generated by manually digitising the river path from aerial images in QGIS, then using the QChainage plugin to create points at 1 km spans along the line.

Google Offline Maps and NSW Topo Maps are also good alternatives.

Distance markers

The online map has markers every km starting from 0 at the confluence where the Darling Anabranch meets the Murray to up until Menindee for both the lake and Darling River routes.

Zoom in to see all of these markers. These do not correlate with any existing numbering system on the river.

  • Menindee
  • Little Menindee Creek
  • Lake Menindee
  • Cawndilla Creek
  • Lake Cawndilla
  • Cawndilla Channel
  • Tandou Creek
  • Tandou
  • Packers Crossing, Old Pooncarie Road
  • Chapel Hut Crossing
  • Redbank Creek
  • Great Darling Anabranch Offtake
  • Tor Downs
  • Wycot
  • Cuthero
  • Popiltah
  • Woodlands
  • Haul Road Bridge
  • Willow Point
  • Windamingle
  • Wyndham
  • Dam 183, Old Broken Hill Road Crossing
  • Nindethana
  • Bunnerungee Bridge and Rest Area, Silver City Highway
  • Bunnerungee
  • Coleraine
  • Toora
  • Quambi
  • Watara
  • Bulpunga
  • Lamplough
  • Bells Camp Dam
  • Anabranch Hall
  • Wilton
  • Glen-Esk
  • Allanvale
  • Milpara Road Bridge
  • Tara Downs
  • Milpara
  • Tona
  • Oakbank
  • Ten Mile Bridge, Old Remark Road
  • Wentworth
  • Darling River
  • Murray River