River hidden by trees

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The Darling River section of my 2022 Darling Double adventure

Some key stats and milestones from the trip from my second trip down the Darling River starting from Brewarrina.

I arrived in Wentworth just in time to catch the weekly bus to Broken Hill, so I had to skip finishing the last couple of km so that I could make it in time. I made it with about 5 minutes to spare.

Total time for the Darling River (Culgoa and Barwon confluence) to Wentworth Bridge: 13 days 8 hrs 20 min

This doesn't include the time paddling from Brewarrina that took a tad over 13 hours over two days.

I finished it two days later in well under 15 minutes. Paddling upstream at a leasurely pace took 17 minutes. So ignoring the bus interruption and using the slower upstream paddling time, the trip along the Darling River took 13 days 8 hrs 37 min.

Map for the 2021 trip