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Major Tributaries

Over the last 20 or so years, the average flow into the Murray River from the major tributaries were:

8,566 ML/day
Murrumbidgee River
7,264 ML/day
Upper Murray
4,088 ML/day
Wakool River
3,188 ML/day
Goulburn River
2,789 ML/day
Mitta Mitta River
2,524 ML/day
Ovens River
2,456 ML/day
Darling River
1,651 ML/day
Kiewa River
338 ML/day
Campaspe River

The statistics change significantly if you include older records but these are likely less meaningful than the recent trends. Note that these are from gauges close to the Murray River and do not reflect the contribution that each river makes to the entire Murray Darling Basin (MDB) as a whole.


Swampy Plain River, NSW

Lake Cootapatamba Elevation2,120 m
Bringenbrong Bridge Elevation263 m
Length65.2 km  Drop1,857 m  Slope29.95‰

Feed from Snowy Mountains Scheme, much of the Summer and Autumn flows originate here.

Grade III run from Alpine Way Bridge to Waterfall Farm with one portage.

It is 14.4 km from the spillway at Khancoban to Bringenbrong Bridge if you stay on the main flow and take Indi Backwater. Staying on Swampy Plain River would be 1.1 km longer and harder if it is even flowing.


Tooma River, NSW

Mt Jagungal Elevation1,615 m
Tintaldra Elevation238 m
Length84.4 km  Drop1,377 m  Slope18.61‰

Part of the Snowy Mountains Scheme, some water is redirected to the Tumut River that feeds into the Murrumbidgee River. The source of both the Tumut and Tooma rivers are both found in close proximity on the Toolong Ranges.

Lake arm

Mitta Mitta River, VIC

Aboriginal: Mida-modoenga (where reeds grow)
Anglers Rest Elevation694 m
Mitta Junction Elevation180 m
Length233.5 km  Drop514 m  Slope2.52‰
Catchment: 10,062 sq km (~0.9% MDB)

The Mitta Mitta basin in the Victorian Alps makes up just 1% of the total MDB catchment area, yet it supplies ~10% of the water flowing into the Murray Darling Basin (MDB).

Up to Grade IV with some ADF restricted sections.


Kiewa River, VIC

Aboriginal: Cy-a-nun-a wher-ra (sweet water)
Branch Confluence:
Mt Beauty Elevation323 m
Albury Elevation152 m
Length116.7 km  Drop171 m  Slope1.17‰
Total length: Length153.2 km (west branch)
Catchment: 1,750 sq km (~0.2% MDB)

Small basin making up just 0.2% of the total MDB flow (689 GL) but important for a number endangered fish species and it also has Victoria's largest hydroelectric scheme on the river.

The East Branch starts near Mt Bogong and is Length16.2 km long with a Drop337 m drop.

The West Branch starts near Mt Jim and is Length36.5 km long with a Drop990 m drop.


Ovens River, VIC

Harrietville Elevation497 m
Bundalong Elevation126 m
Length217.7 km  Drop371 m  Slope1.94‰
Catchment: 7,778 sq km (~0.7% MDB)

King River is a major tributary that joins at Wangaratta. Combined they contribute 6% of the MDB water (1,775 GL)

Both rivers split into two major branches each and Ovens East Branch is formed by the confluence of Baldy and Mt Smythe creeks.


Goulburn River, VIC

Corn Hill Elevation1,067 m
Echuca Elevation99 m
Length563.9 km  Drop968 m  Slope1.48‰
Catchment: 23,916 sq km (~2% MDB)

The longest river in Victoria that also has the highest discharge and flow of any river in Victoria.

Some Grade II runs in the Victorian Alps but big flat water near the Murray.

The Broken River is one of the significant tributaries of the Goulburn River.


Campaspe River, VIC

Bullengarook Elevation722 m
Echuca Elevation96 m
Length262.0 km  Drop626 m  Slope2.70‰
Catchment: 4,179 sq km (~4% MDB)

The smallest of the three rivers that make up the meeting of the waters (the literal translation of Echuca).


Loddon River, VIC

Trentham Elevation779 m
Little Murray River Elevation68 m
Length444.5 km  Drop711 m  Slope1.81‰
Catchment: 15,320 sq km (~2.3% MDB)

Flows into the Victorian Little Murray River Anabranch that merges with the Murray River at Swan Hill. Much of the catchment ends up in the Avoca River (313.1 km) that likely doesn't make it to the Murray River.


Wakool River, NSW

Deniliquin Elevation87 m
Wakool Junction Elevation60 m
Length392.8 km  Drop27 m  Slope0.07‰

Much of the water will be from the Edward River anabranch that helps take water past the Barmah Choke.


Murrumbidgee River, NSW

Wiradjuri for big water
Peppercorn Hill Elevation1,568 m
Boundary Bend Elevation50 m
Length1,598 km  Drop1,518 m  Slope0.94‰
Catchment: 84,917 sq km (~8% MDB)

Contributes 16% of the MDB water with 4,000 GL per annum.

Grade V in the upper reaches, the main waterway is fairly flat big water.


Darling River, NSW

Brewarrina Elevation114 m
Wentworth Elevation34 m
Length1,547 km  Drop80 m  Slope0.05‰
Catchment: 609,283 sq km (~57% MDB)

Once flowing freely, irrigation and a drying climate have halted this once great river.


Rufus River, NSW

Lake Victoria Elevation27 m
Lock 7 Length5.8 km

Very short river that is only of importance as it connects Lake Victoria to the Murray River and can have a noticeable flow during summer months.

  • Swampy Plain River
  • Tooma River
  • Mitta Mitta River
  • Kiewa River
  • Ovens River
  • Goulburn River
  • Campaspe River
  • Loddon River
  • Edward River
  • Wakool River
  • Murrumbidgee River
  • Darling River
  • Great Darling Anabranch
  • Rufus River
  • Katarapko Creek