Reflections off still waters


Geoscience Australia provide downloadable topographic maps
50k Map Index, most from northern coastlines, minimal others
100k Map Index, most coastal regions excluding Tasmania
250k Map Index, complete coverage
1 Million Map Index, complete coverage

The Federal Government's National Maps is a useful online topological map with lots of additional data providers like the SRTM 1 sec DEM data set.

Sentinel Hub is a great tool for viewing near real time satellite data including Sentinel, Landsat, and other Earth observation imagery.

Queensland (QLD)
An online tool QTopo that allows you to download 1:100K to 1:25K topological maps and it even allows you to generate your own custom topo maps of areas of interest.
New South Wales (NSW)
Free PDF downloads or browse online. Mostly 1:25K, some 1:50K maps.
GetLost Maps
Free topographical maps that you can download directly from their website as well as on Avenza Maps.

It was difficult to accurately navigate using the paper maps for Condamine, Balonne and Culgoa rivers due to the frequent twists and turns and complete lack of things to take a bearing on. A GPS device is strongly recommended as an additional navigation aid.

In the Culgoa Floodplains in flood, it becomes almost impossible to track your progress using paper maps. Navigation is mainly based on tracking the path made by the river gums and occasionally checking your GPS to ensure that you are still heading in the right direction. The river also channels a lot outside of the floodplains and it is best to check your GPS as the main channel is often difficult to distinguish from distributaries. The Barhka was easier to navigate, but there are a couple of critical places where the wrong turn will send you away from the main river, including the Narran River that terminates at endorheic (no outflow) Narran Lake.

Distance markers

The following map has distance markers for every km starting from 0 at the confluence where the Darling meets the Murray. At the Culgoa and Barwon confluence these separate out marking both the Culgoa to Condmine and Barwon to Macintyre systems to their respective sources.

Zoom in to see all of these markers. These do not correlate with any existing numbering system on the river.

The mapping of the NSW Water Authority blue signs and the numbering system is closely aligned but differs slightly:

Blue Sign
Blue Sign
  • Dam or Reservoir
  • Gauges
  • Weir or Low Head Dams