Reflections off still waters

Current Flows

A look at the current flows along key rivers

Quick look at key river heights along the river.

Also refer to the Basin Map & Gauges page for a national holistic view of the river system and incoming flows from other tributaries.

Level status is determined either from known flows before falling back to estimated flows from the BoM recorded height.

Note that these graphs show the actual reported heights from the various water agencies. You can toggle the Actual and Baseline heights to get a smoother more realistic graph of the current flow. The Baseline Height has an adjusted river height where 0 represents the level that the river usually stops flowing (if known).

No flow
Height where flow ceased was assumed to be zero if no historical data was found.
Poor flow
A level that is likely too low to kayak, with a flow under 2 Cumecs.
Low flow
A level that may be paddlable? The flow was calculated to be under 10 Cumecs.
Good flow
A flow over 10 Cumecs. Times two is 20 Cumecs and times five is 50 Cumecs.
Flow unknown, but height suggests it should be fine to paddle.
Unable to calculate the flow.

Many sites lack flood height information. If the high is significantly higher than a good flow height assume it is flooded

Minor Flood
Low-lying areas next to watercourses are inundated which may require the removal of stock and equipment. Minor roads may be closed and low-level bridges submerged.
Moderate Flood
Evacuation of some houses may be required. Main traffic routes may be covered. The area of inundation is substantial in rural areas requiring the removal of stock.
Major Flood
Extensive rural areas and/or urban areas are inundated. Properties and towns are likely to be isolated and major traffic routes likely to be closed.

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